Monday 22 October 2012


Glossy magazine called COLLECTION plopped through the door today with a big feature about the Newcastle Fashion and Textiles Fair that I run with Jayne Turner. It all sounds very glamorous and the pictures  and writing are fantastic. Thanks to Liz Hands who wrote the article about us. Other fairs are trying to compete with us in the North East but they are all run by national promoters outside the region and we  think we are still the best because we hand pick the best dealers and we have a fantastic venue. Anyway read the article through the link here. We are on page 27 I think. 1Like · · Share Promote 

Monday 15 October 2012

Cushions at IKEA

Another reminder that I will be running a free little workshop at IKEA Gateshead this Wednesday between 6 and 9 in the textile department. There is a big personalisation and customisation event going on over there and the theme of this session is how to transform a cushion using their fabrics and simple techniques. Here are 2 examples I made today! 

Sunday 14 October 2012

Burrell at Berwick update

My work for the Burrell at Berwick exhibition has been going on steadily in the background. Here are pictures of details before they are stretched over frames. They are actually white and blue so don't know why the pictures look as though they are all on a pale blue background. Must have pressed something wrong in photoshop!

Thursday 11 October 2012

Arthur Bispo do Rosario

Was in London today and  managed to fit in seeing an exhibition of the work of Arthur Bispo do Rosario at the V and A ( until 28th October).
The display brings together over 80 artworks ranging from sculptures, hand-embroidered banners and garments, showcasing the variety and creativity of Arthur Bispo do Rosario (1909-1989), one of Brazil’s most recognised artists.
Admitted to a psychiatric hospital at the age of 29, Bispo’s creations were made in complete isolation from the art establishment. However his ‘outsider’ art has long been celebrated for its skill and imaginative approach to working with everyday, found materials. The work on show demonstrates his fascination for the reappropriation of objects such as buttons, bottles, paper, card and cutlery, which he manipulated to create elaborate sculptural pieces.
Worth a visit if you are in London.

Tuesday 9 October 2012

Another free IKEA workshop

I will be back in IKEA Gateshead next Wednesday 17th October  between 6pm and 9 pm doing a FREE drop in textile workshop. This time it will be transforming a cushion cover using IKEA's fabrics.
You get given the cushion cover and all the materials to sew on to it.  If you can't make that one then I am there again Wed 31st at the same time.

Sunday 7 October 2012

Spitalfields Life Artists

If you are in London in November please be aware of this wonderful exhibition at the Ben Pentreath Gallery in Bloomsbury. I've mentioned the Spitalfields Life blog before  and this brings together artists who feature regularly on the blog, including my daughter who designed the poster. Unusually you can actually take the work away with you when you see it.

Thursday 4 October 2012

Thread and Thrift Workshop

I still have places left on the Thread and Thrift Workshop at The Shipley Art Gallery on Saturday 20th October. This course is all about Folk Art inspired appliqué and stitch and you get to work on bits of old quilt or lovely tweed and wool backgrounds. Book through my web site HERE.I will show you how to build up a folk art picture of your own, how to make templates, cut and sew the components and embellish with stitch.
 If you want to see some samples of this type of "handiwork" then come and see me at The Shipley this Saturday for their "Threaded Together" day which brings together  embroiderers, quilters, lace makers and offers free workshops with acclaimed textile artist  Deirdre Nelson.

Bernina and the Burrell at Berwick

Working on my machine on to the bonded backgrounds of my pieces for the Berwick exhibition.

Tuesday 2 October 2012


I admit it I am totally addicted to Pinterest ! I try and limit it to 15 minutes a day when I am listening to The Archers after supper but could spend  large parts of every day on it as it is such a delight. For those of you who haven't heard of it it is a way of creating noticeboards on to which you pin pictures you like from the internet or repin from other people's boards.  It is visually educative and supports one's practice ( thats  what I like to tell myself) and leads to new discoveries. If you are already hooked then please start "following" me so I can find you too.

Newcastle Vintage Fashion and Textiles Fair

I have been packing up fliers to send out to our dealers for our next Vintage Fair. We have a strong cast of people with beautiful clothes, accessories and textiles who come from all over the UK to be at our fair. This is what makes ours the best in the North East! Put the date in your dairy NOW.
If you are interested in having a stall I am sorry but we were completely booked up within 3 weeks of the last fair in May. We are looking to expand next year though.

Monday 1 October 2012

Bonding and the Burrell at Berwick

Working on the commission today. Have sorted out lots of blue and white fabrics to use. Its always important to me to use materials wherever possible that I already have, have been given or have recycled from our cast off clothes. Started bonding collage pieces on to the backgrounds. In this piece I am working on one of the very elegant oriental ladies on one of the vases. The rest of the pieces I am working on are all to do with the natural imagery - flowers, leaves, birds and insects.