Saturday 18 April 2020

Borrowed from Boro

I recently taught a course inspired by Boro textiles. It is important not to copy exactly their techniques or aesthetic but i think OK to take inspiration from this textile story which emerged out of poverty. I twist it and make it my own by not using indigo but using pieces of very worn quilts ( which I have unpicked to reveal their raggy layers)  sourced in the north east of England in conjunction with other blue scraps. I patchwork these together and then stitch into them decoratively. Unlike the original boro textiles they are not designed to be useful so the stitching is not there to hold it all together.

Here are my pieces laid out on my desk this morning and then images of each individual piece.

Coronavirus Diary

Coronavirus has really squashed me creatively and I feel unable to do much as my thoughts are with my loved ones and friends and I feel anxious and fearful for them and me. I however have been doing a sort of textile diary since lock down. Marking time I guess. Each day I sew on one little scrap, turning over each day so the marks of the previous day are in evidence. Just for me, contemplative and slow stitching to start the day.