Wednesday 18 October 2017


A quilt historian asked me for some images this afternoon and it was nice to look through my photos and pull these old favourites out. I may have published them before but here they are any way. Just noticed that some of them are upside down but maybe that will make you look at them more closely!

Saturday 14 October 2017

Farm Weeds

Trying some new wildflower samples for a course I am planning to run in 2018. I want to incorporate my textile collage with fairly traditional hand embroidery 

Friday 6 October 2017

Death has quicker wings than love

I know many of you have followed my stories about maidens garlands over the years and I was privileged to be asked for some of my art work to be used on Marry Waterson's new CD/LP and in fact my glove is actually PRINTED on the Cd as well as being used within the lyric booklet. Marry came to me as she has written a poignant song about the Maidens Garlands so go out and get it! It has received very favourable reviews everywhere.
Here is a link on You Tube to the garlands song. Hope it works!

Thursday 5 October 2017

Little Donkey

Since the summer when I saw donkeys in the south of France wearing old bits of quilt under their saddles I have been a little obsessed with donkeys and indeed am working up pieces to sell and show at Christmas. Made a start with this little stitched drawing today on the Tilleke Schwarz workshop at Hope and Elvis today. I can't quite bring myself to incorporate counted cross stitch in to my work as she does so well but there are three crosses there in the picture! It was an interesting experience to be there as a student today but I will be returning to Hope and Elvis next year as a tutor if you are interested in joining me there.