Tuesday 28 March 2017

This textile collage is a bit like my allotment. Nothing much going on but getting ready - fleece over the broad beans, old bits of carpet suppressing the weedy paths and some patches dug and some with manure still sitting on the surface. I quite like it as it is but over the next week will bring it in to new life with some green shoots, which in the north of England are just starting to appear. Having a garden or allotment makes you aware of how precious our environment is and how important GREEN is every Spring. Will post next week when I have embroidered some life on to it!

Friday 24 March 2017

So impressed

So impressed with my family and their magpie skills.. My husband managed to find this beautiful silk log cabin for me on his travels and my daughter a wool crazy quilt. They want me to cut them up and start making but I think I will just admire them whole for a while! 

Thursday 16 March 2017


Some tiny collages made today specifically for cards.

Sunday 12 March 2017


Here are some pictures to give you a flavour of what the students on today's workshop were trying to achieve. They were working in a textile collage style in response to a Winifred Nicholson pairing and these pictures are very much of unfinished work but some lovely pieces emerging.