Saturday 18 January 2020


I have been doing portraits of birds that are on the British red alert list. This means they are in serious decline in terms of numbers. Here is a Lapwing. They are exotic looking in our bleak Northumberland landscape. Hope I have captured their beauty effectively.

Wednesday 15 January 2020

Pressing Matters

I have been drawing today but feel I just can't capture the beauty of these pressed flowers and grasses. They are from a portfolio collected by Birgitta Theodorsen, I think from Sweden, and were given to us as a gift from my daughter Alice. I think what I really like is the sellotape and how some things are just crumpled.

Wednesday 1 January 2020

Thinking about 2020

I would just like to alert you to some new courses I am running at The Hearth, Horsley, Northumberland in 2020.  All of my work and workshops are about using old things and recycling but here are three new courses with a bit of a  green agenda. . Check out my website to find out the availability and for full course description.

So my usual bird collage course is given a new twist as I encourage students to choose a British bird off the red or amber "Birds of Conservation Concern ( UK)" lists. On the red list now are starling, lapwing, house sparrow, curlew, kittiwake and skylark.  Check out this link to find the full list.
Here is a Dartford Warbler,  one from the Amber list, it is in decline and is so pretty!

Then there is the problem of over fishing around the UK. I have never thought about fish much apart from how to cook them but reading about the concern for the way fish are farmed and caught inspired me to write my first fish course. I really enjoyed bringing metallics back into my textile pieces when working on these samples.The first date for this course is full but  there are plenty of places on Friday 10th July. Check out the link HERE.

I have an allotment and grow lots of flowers to attract bees but where would we be without them?
I have been practising embroidering bees and in July I am running 2 courses called "Telling the Bees".

Contact me through the website if you are interested in joining me on any of these three new courses and a Happy New Year we hope!