Monday 20 May 2019

Revisiting Cowslip

Every other year I teach at Cowslip Workshops in Launceston, Cornwall. It is a beautiful, warm and friendly place and I will be travelling down there on Thursday to run 4 workshops ( all full I am afraid) over the bank holiday weekend. I was very happy to be asked by Jo to do a pop up exhibition for four days ( Friday 24 - Mon 27 May) in the barns I could just imagine how good my big wall art pieces would look in this setting. I have shown these a couple of times before but mostly they reside in a suitcase in the loft so if you are passing near Cornwall at the weekend please come and see! Here they are, all  at least I.5 metre square so much bigger than anything I usually do.

Wednesday 15 May 2019

Memento Mori

This weekend I will be having a little exhibition in my studio of work I did 10-15 years ago inspired by my research into my  local cemetery and the maiden's garlands of St Stephens Fylingdales.  I don't often get this work out so this might be your only chance to see it if you haven't done so before.
Its part of our Spring Art Fair Event at The Hearth. Information  HERE  I will be there both days...
These photos were taken this week as I started to stage the work.

Wednesday 8 May 2019

Blue Book

I am teaching a fabric books workshop this weekend so it has given me the opportunity to seek out some from the past to show the students. This one was done for a drawing exhibition a few years ago. It is a concertina and it was suspended from the ceiling in the original exhibition with the blue sewn line going all the way through it.