Tuesday 17 September 2019


I made these little collages for cards a while ago and have sold them all now but thought I would just represent them to you to encourage to maybe do the same with your own collections of cigarette cards. I have used the original cards so they were a bit of a pain in my studio as visitors would say " Have you got a.... ?" but what I am about is originality so once the card has gone it has gone!

Thursday 12 September 2019


I will be running a chicken course in a couple of weeks time at my studio and over the years have done many brown hens but thought I would have a try at something a little different after seeing a painting of a grey hen on a friend's kitchen wall.
My usual hand sewn collage technique on to a dyed background ( not quilt)

Wednesday 11 September 2019

Studio Preniac

Next year I will be teaching at Studio Preniac in France for the first time. For those of you who live much further away here is your chance to join me in a beautiful location. Here is the description and contact Studio Preniac to book HERE. The course is more than half full already even though it is a year away so get on with it if you fancy it!

Mandy Pattullo: 12th - 19th September 2020:

Mandy Pattullo

Textile Collage with Many Pattullo.

Again, one of the UK’s most popular textile artists and tutors, Mandy Pattullo will bring a series of her most popular courses to Studio Preniac in September 2020 which combine her love of vintage fabrics with observations of the natural world.
You will start the week with an introduction to the basic techniques of textile collage before starting a more structured approach with a focus on building up a bird portrait on to a fragment of antique quilt. .
We then turn a bit botanical using the seed heads that are around the Preniac as an inspiration for a Seed Heads piece. You will learn to layer up and appliqué backgrounds for your compositions and will use embroidery stitches imaginatively to describe the structure and silhouette of these remains of the summer. 
Mandy will do many demonstrations through out the week and bring inspirational samples, clear instructions and templates for those who can not draw (!) but she will also remain flexible And if you choose to just remain with one style of working rather than having a go at everything that is fine with her.
You can see more of Mandy's work, just follow the link below:
This will be Mandy's first to Studio Préniac.

Course Cost

Ensuite - £1,295
Private bedroom sharing bathroom with one other - £1,195
Sharing a twin ensuite bedroom - £1,095
Non Participating Partner - £ 795
Gites £100 Extra for Single Supplement