Thursday 30 July 2015

Starting jacket fabric collage

Starting to work on the jacket. This is the very beginning . Shows my colour scheme but much more embellishment to come….

Thursday 23 July 2015

Blank Canvas

Looking forward to working with this Scottish kilt jacket over the next few weeks. Making the masculine feminine.

Sunday 19 July 2015


I am collecting pieces of Indian embroidery when I see them. I thought I had no interest in ethnic textiles of this type but the colours, particularly the touches of neon are pulling me in. I haven't cut this one apart yet but I expect pieces will find themselves in to future collages.

Monday 13 July 2015


It has been raining all day here. I was supposed to be going with friends to the Lake District but the rain has given me  a day in which to tidy up my studio. You know how it is… half finished projects, colour combination piles, fabrics everywhere. Sweeping up at the end revealed all sorts of little bits so I ended the day making a few little card collages of these "sweepings". Here are two.

Sunday 12 July 2015

Jenny Wren

Just a little advert for a course I will be running on Mon 14th and Tuesday 15th September at Burnbrae workshops near Kelso just in to Scotland. Yvette who is taking bookings says there are still a couple of places available. If you would like to book then contact her through her website at
Full details of this two days course set in a beautiful location are on my web site.
Here is the type of thing you would be doing on the second day.

Friday 10 July 2015

Savage Beauty

I went to see "Savage Beauty" at the V &A yesterday. Was blown away by Alexander McQueen's imagination and creativity. So much attention to detail and the use of extraordinary materials, all used in conjunction with exciting concepts and narratives.
If you haven't seen it do try. I think nearly all the tickets have gone but they are opening it up 24 hours a day towards the end. If you are not interested in fashion then you will enjoy the whole set design and theatricality of it.
There are some good little videos and articles on the V &A website HERE and if you don't know anything about Alexander McQueen then just google images of "Alexander McQueen Embroidery" and enjoy.
I have been doing a spot of my own homespun fashion design today and here is what I came up with!

Tuesday 7 July 2015

Sunday 5 July 2015

New Monotypes

I love printmaking as much as textiles as I originally trained as a surface pattern designer and it allows the more painterly  side to come out, is quicker and I can achieve mark making and texture which is sometimes a struggle to get with hand sewing. I have an exhibition of my work opening this weekend at The Craft and Design Centre, Leeds City Art Gallery. If you are passing through before October 24th then please go and have a look. Check opening times  HERE