Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Tools of the Trade at Woodhorn

Don't miss "Tools of the Trade" at Woodhorn ( which closes on September 6th 2009. This exhibition by Designed and Made members focuses on textile artists who use traditional tools within contemporary practice. It features work by Cia Bosanquet (weave), Susan Chaplin (knit), Jane Frazer (weave), Ali Rhind ( mat making) and myself. I choose a seam ripper as my tool. I have been using one to painstakingly unpick a utility quilt to reveal layers of textile history. The dull wools, cottons, tweeds and flannels may once have been garments but they have a new life when the quilting stitches are removed to create a delicate tracery of another woman's craft skills. I have reassembled some elements to create new juxtapositions of colour and texture.

remnant, residue, fragment, trace, scrap, vestige, evidence, vintage, leftover, shadow, dulled, frayed, threadbare, bruised, rubbed, tarnished, discoloured, faded, ragged,unravelled, tattered, torn, worn to shreds

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