Friday 24 June 2011

Remember Me

In between teaching lots, working for the Arts project, running workshops in schools and opening my studio for the Art Tour I have been slowly making progress with my textile response to the Maidens Garlands . The flyer for the exhibition has now been printed so put it in your diaries now .

I have been making a really big garland ( more another time) and 44 smaller garlands for the young unmarried girls buried in the graveyard between 1800 and 1900. They have been designed to be hung over the pews. I have hand embroidered their names, year of death and age and each girl has an individual flower, sometimes made of paper. From these hang ribbons which echo the hanging ribbons of the original garlands ( look at my blog of 2nd Feb 2011 for photos), a white paper glove and a blue heart. The conservation report on the garlands indicate these may have been present so I haven't made these up!

The conservation report was full of these lovely little diagrams and drawings.

Fabric and paper rosettes were a feature of the garlands at RHB and also the beautiful maidens garlands at Minsterley so I have used paper for some of mine. Old letters, pages from Tennyson " In Memoriam", crepe paper....

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