Saturday, 29 June 2013


I love going to London to recharge my creative batteries. I pack as much as I can in, taking notes and photographs which will stimulate me to further research long after the visit.
The highlight of this trip was a visit to Dennis Severs' house. The house is without any modern conveniences and lit entirely by candlelight. It is magical and atmospheric and difficult to describe but its like stepping back into time and enchanting. Beautifully curated so that you feel someone has just left the room. Gorgeous fabrics literally hanging about all over the place and reflecting the textile links of the area. Check out more at

Also fitted in the Pompeii and Herculaneum show at The British Museum. I was much taken with the garden room frescoes.

On to the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy. A bit of a mixed bag but a stunning piece of patch worked recycling art on the exterior by El Anatsui.

Up the road at the National Gallery we were much amused by Michael Landy's "Saints Alive" sculptures.

Throw in a bit of vintage shopping in Camden Passage and Spitalfields Antiques Market, Anthropologie sale and a visit to The Cloth House, lots of coffees and cakes and what more could a girl want!

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