Saturday 28 December 2013

Louise Bourgeois in Edinburgh

I have been to Edinburgh today especially to see two Louise Bourgeois exhibitions. She is one of my absolutely favourite artists and I have always loved the way she has used fabric in many of her sculptures throughout her life. Sometimes it is clothes she or other family members have worn, old sheets and towels and sometimes tapestry elements which relate back to her parents tapestry mending business in the north of France. Today one of the most moving pieces in the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art was a sculpture which used many of the berets which she wore every day. It was also good to see "Ode a La Bievre" again. Saw this a few years ago in London and a postcard of this cloth book has always been on my noticeboard.
In the Fruit Market Gallery I was mesmerised by the insomniac drawings and writings made at the end of her life.
If you don't know her work then google images Louise Bourgeois Fabric Works and hopefully you too will be blown away by the emotional charge in her work.

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