Saturday, 1 February 2014

Sketchbooks - how to get going!

Several people have contacted me saying they can't really get going with sketchbooks. Sometimes I can't either but I think the secret is to have all the  mark making ingredients out all the time so that you pick them up and start. I got all my painty stuff out at the beginning of January and then just set myself the challenge of doing a double page of sketchbook each time I went to the studio ( about 3 times a week). Soon I will put it away and get the textiles out again but when there are not gardening distractions in the winter and it is not cold outside I think it is ideal time for sketchbook work. Do your sketchbook for yourself - just playing with textures, shapes and colours and marks will feed into other areas of your creative practice.
The main things I use are 
gesso, emulsions, bleach, brusho, stamps, oil pastels, wax crayons, PVA, watercolour crayons, indian and washable inks, acrylic, nib pen, sponges, brushes, rollers, collage materials incl papers already coloured and printed  by myself.
So there you are , nothing expensive there just get going!

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