Saturday 23 April 2016

Inspiration from Kim Parker

The reason I don't quite get as much sewing done as I would like is that I work part time for an Arts Project in a secure setting for one of the biggest mental health and disability trusts in the UK.
The project works with service users  at the Trust’s Northgate Hospital in Morpeth and gives them an outlet for their creativity and imagination, resulting in a real sense of achievement and reward for their artistic endeavours.
Here is a piece created by one of our patients. I did the initial design work with him. We looked at  textile designer Kim Parker's book "Home" for inspiration and he drew simple flower shapes which we pulled into a design for a long footstool. I drew it up on to canvas and then left him to it and finally two years later he has finished! What a fine piece of work from one who originally had few sewing skills. Makes my job seem all the more worthwhile.

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