Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Worn By

I am aware that many of you will not be able to see my solo show "Worn" at the Customs House over the next 7 weeks and as a few of you have asked me to share photos and info I am going to do three blog posts that reflect the three gallery spaces and stories.
In this first one the interpretative text said

Worn By

Clothes that have been worn reveal more when they are examined from within, particularly those from the Edwardian period used here. Turning the garment inside out you might find sweat stains and dirt from the wearer’s body, tears and rips from repeated wear and strain on the seams. There is also something to admire in the care with which seams and hems have been hand stitched and fastenings attached. Darning and mending was used to revitalize and keep the garment going. New shapes emerge as sleeves are removed from bodices and lace is cut away. A pile of unpicked, discoloured and worn out fabrics is a delight for the textile artist giving her the opportunity to refigure and mix elements of the garments into new collages  on to which she makes her own marks with tiny stitches.

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