Sunday, 20 August 2017

Robin Hoods Bay

I am back in the North East and catching up on the BBC Radio 4 programmes I have missed while I was away. Many people texted me at Chateau Dumas to say there was a little mention of me on Open Country in the context of the research and exhibition I did in relation to the maidens garlands in Old St Stephens Robin Hoods Bay a few years ago. Many of you will have been to Bay so it is worth a listen and at the end Eliza McCarthy sings Stow Brow, a song I used and based some of my work on.

Sorry you folks outside the UK the link may not work for you but here is a picture of the garlands! If you want to read more about my work and the story then please link HERE. Scroll down  the title page and you will find info and there are loads more pics too.

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