Sunday, 11 October 2009

Make Do and Mend

Unravel threads from seams and hems to darn cloth materials

Do not wait for holes to develop

Repair where you can
Renovate where you can't

Mend all holes and tears before washing

Thin spots should be reinforced with darning

Rub gently if very dirty

Tuck in frayed edges and stitch new folds together

When patching use old material

Men used to wear detachable collars on their shirts to avoid having to wash the shirt so frequently. Now we are used to wearing something once and then being able to wash it in a washing machine and  dry it quickly in a tumble dryer.
I have been slowly embroidering thrift tips into men's collars. 50 - 60 years ago women were forced to darn and mend clothes and to wash them with care to keep them going longer. In those times clothing was scarce and rationed and you just had to make do.

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