Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Still unpicking

I have recently unpicked another stable boy quilt. The quilt was a straightforward patchwork of tweeds held together by multicoloured tufting. Very moth eaten and unusable but I could feel there was probably an older quilt inside and I eventually managed to reveal it through carefully undoing the tufts. It revealed even older tweeds hand sewn together in a diamond pattern and held together by red tufting. Backed with a brown fabric also showing considerable wear and tear but containing its own beauty. I now need to wait for better weather so that I can wash it and air dry it flat outside.

These are the tweeds used in the top layer of the quilt. Probably suiting and jacket samples.

The back of the "inner" quilt

Red tufting revealed

Front of "inner" quilt showing hand stitching.

Diamond pattern and red tufting. There are some tweeds and other workwear fabrics.

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