Saturday, 12 March 2011

Myths and Legends

I love Greek myths and legends and will be running a course in May using this theme as a basis for the development of original prints using the collograph technique. To find out more have a look on the Horsley Printmakers site where you will find information on the dates and also some images within the gallery section of collograph prints.
Those of us who teach courses for Horsley Printmakers and our students have a show called "Print to Impress" at the Biscuit Factory at the moment. I was proud to see many collographs displayed from my evening class students who have made outstanding images on an animal theme. Also look out for my friend Zoe Robinson's sculptures of birds (though most of them seemed to have red stickers on last night).
This book is particularly inspirational.It was published in 1959 and illustrated by Alice and Martin Provenson

My favourite image - look at those toes!

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