Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I was passing through Lincolnshire at the weekend so called in a the Hub ( Up and down the staircases were a vertical paper garden/ garlands constructed by recent graduate Suzie McLaughlin. They worked effectively at bringing the outside in. I have been garland making too, making work for my exhibition later in the year in response to the maidens garlands in Yorkshire. I notice Suzie's were laser cut and stapled but mine are of course hand stitched and each flower is unique. I am using all sorts of papers eg. an old copy of Tennyson's "In Memoriam ", original Victorian letters . I am making one big garland to hang in the church and then an individual flower for each of my maidens.
Anyway here is Suzie's work

and here is mine

The hairy bits are sheep wool picked up from the graveyard where the girls are buried.


  1. I like Suzie McLaughlin's garlands....But, I lOVE your garlands, they have a wonderful 'Miss Havisham' look to them, bringing a sense of history forward in time.

  2. Came across from "AS IS THE MOTHER, SO IS THE DAUGHTER" to take a peek at your practice.

    Susie McLaughlin's remind me of Torde Boontje's work.

    The theme of your garlands remind me of the feel of Picture House at Belsay Hall...