Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I used to draw

I have been looking through my old sketchbooks and portfolios for examples to publicise a mixed media and drawing summer school I will be running in August. It made me realise how I have lost the habit of drawing. I intend to book some days off work and clear a run of days and re-immerse myself in mark making.
In the past I used to love drawing birds. As well as drawing from photographs I would buy hanging pheasants, ducks and pigeons from the Grainger Market in Newcastle and draw details till the dead bird got past its sell by date! Alas the days of being able to buy a fresh pigeon from the market have gone.


  1. These bird images you have done are beautiful.
    I think your work is amazing.

  2. merveilleux oiseaux...
    Je ne sais pas qui vous êtes... peut-être cela restera-t'il un mystère...
    Ces dessins ou aquarelles sont de pures merveilles.
    cordialement à vous,