Monday, 25 July 2011

Scrap Books

Someone gave me this leather bound scrap book today.

It appears to be late Victorian but the scraps have been pasted on to fabric pages rather than the usual paper support. The fabric is a cotton sateen and has been hemmed around the edges.

The pictures look as though they have been taken from books and there is some intricate cutting and thoughtful compositions

Many of the pictures look as though they are engravings which have been hand coloured.

This picture would make a great starting point for a Paula Rego painting!

I too did scrap books as a child and teenager. Here is one I did in 1970 when I was obviously an avid reader of Jackie magazine.

These pages remind me of the excitement of going to Chelsea Girl for the latest gear and spending hours at the 17 make up counter.

I still cut out pictures and enjoy organising them into inspiration books. So glad I kept this one from 1970!

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