Sunday, 10 July 2011

Transforming junk furniture

Have just been to see an exhibition at Washington Arts Centre, Tyne and Wear called "Make Do and Mend; innovate-renovate-rejuvenate" Showing creative adaptations of existing objects for our times , it was mostly 3D recycling design or refashioned furniture. You can see an image and find out more at t
I had missed the call for artists otherwise I might have submitted this armchair which I made for Delight in Design, a Designed and Made ( a few years ago.

I picked up the chair for £15 in a junk shop

and transformed it in to this

using old head squares, given to me or acquired in charity shops.

I manipulated these into suffolk puffs which I sewed on to the contours of the chair

and did traditional hexagon patchwork in some areas which used up all the scraps.

I couldn't stop there and made a matching lampshade

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